• Capital Contracting is a fast growing construction contracting company Founded on 2010 in Cairo -Egypt
  • Capital is specialized in design,procurement and execution of several types of buildings such as offices,hotels,residential buildings; medicalfacilities and industrial facilities covering the scope of civil, mechanical and electrical disciplines.
  • Capital acquired huge experience in seven years equal to decades of experience through the accomplishment of big quantity of proiects in very challenging time frames and at the highest quality
  • The essence of capital success is being in what it can offer to its customers via maintainin the triangle of any project success which is the time, cost and quality.
  • The success of our company is supported by the engagement of very qualified and experienced engineering and administration staff those enable us to execute all project scales.
  • The partnerships which capital gained with other major contractors and customers have added much to our its experience.

Company Core Values

  • Fulfillment of (HSE) regulation and requirements (our slogan is «Safety First»)
  • Focus on work and attention to details Maintaining customer satisfaction and project success triangle(cost, quality and time)
  • Continuous development and enhancement of team capability
  • Team work and seeking for successful partnership Recording and making use of lessons learnt
  • Continuously study our weaknesses,strength and thereats (SWOT Analysis)
  • Timely fulfilment of our obligations
  • Maintaining the family spirit among our people in order to bring out their best
  • Abiding by local codes and international codes
  • Participate in community development programs those aim at leveraging the business environment in the country